Hi. I’m a (content) designer and editor living and working on, and benefiting from, the island formerly known as Mannahatta, in unceded Lenapehoking territory. I’ve collaborated with architects, musicians, Broadway performers, authors, independent record labels, and others. My work has appeared on the walls of the Cooper-Hewitt, at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, in Communication Arts, in books, and around the web.

Alumna of H&FJ, A List Apart, and Type Network. Currently working with A Book Apart, Fonts In Use, Typographica, and companies around the world. Clients include Adobe, AI Now Institute, Kelli Anderson, Business Letters, Champions Design, Commercial Classics, Commercial Type, Grilli Type, Google, Immigrant Defense Project, InVision, Katherine Small Gallery, Production Type, Retype Foundry, Type Directors Club, and XYZ Type. I edit Typegeist and am currently a TDC board member. I have happily served as a member of ATypI’s College of Reviewers.

I love type and write about it. And showcase it. And document it in situ as often as possible. Last but not least, I’m proud to be an Alphabette. She/her.

Yes, I need to update / redesign my site. I know.

Find me on Mastodon. Or call. Or .